Allied Special Operations Command (ASOCOM) was created in 1944, during the unification process of the Allied Bloc. This organization was born mainly from the fusion of the British SOE and the American OSS. Spies of many nationalities soon joined, united by the same objective: the liberation of Europe. ASOCOM’s task is huge. It mainly consists of intervening everywhere to counter the activities of the various enemies of the Allied Bloc. It also acts  like a scalpel when the Allies need to rapidly show their power.

Obviously, ASOCOM is the natural enemy of the Blutkreuz Korps. These two entities use the most advanced equipment to achieve their objectives. They participate in the most dangerous operations – where failure is not an option, and where success brings great rewards. Both organizations have nearly unlimited resources, which they use now for a single purpose: destroy the enemy.

There are many different departments and services inside ASOCOM. They are gathered together at the “Octagon,” the immense headquarters of the Allied armed services, deep in the heart of Kansas. One such branch is the “Counter-attack” service, which fights directly against the Blutkreuz Korps. Joe Brown is a member of this branch.

As the need for special operations expands, hatred and rancor between the agents of these two organizations multiplies. Everywhere, the struggles between the two Blocs often become personal battles. The antagonism between Joe Brown and Sigrid Von Thaler, for example, has become legendary. It is as if destiny itself pits these mortal foes against one another.

In every neutral country, the Blutkreuz Korps has placed bounties on the heads of all agents from the other Blocs. Members of ASOCOM always demand the highest rewards.